Healthcare, vehicle, and public space solutions

BlueMorph’s products include:

  • The C1 UVC Cart, a manually operated, portable unit used to disinfect rooms and surfaces. It’s applications include doctor and dentist offices, hospitals, elder care facilities, schools, factories, offices, transportation systems and others.
  • The C1 Transit Cart, which is based on the C1 UVC Cart, and includes the ability to daisy-chain multiple units together and operate them as a single system. This is especially effective for disinfecting public transit vehicles such as buses, light rail and train cars and large spaces that are best handled using multiple units operating together at the same time.
  • The Car Disinfection Unit (CDU), designed for disinfecting the passenger and cargo/transport areas of cars, delivery vans, ambulances and other vehicles. The CDU is also marketed under the name “AutoBlaster”.


Mid-sized system for healthcare and hospitality

Car disinfection unit

Patented UV sanitization system

Are BlueMorph’s products safe for humans?

In limited doses, the UV light used by the C1 UVC Cart and CDU will not cause injury, however extended exposure should be avoided. To prevent risk to humans, the C1 UVC Cart has motion sensors that automatically shut off the lamps if anyone is detected in proximity to the unit. The CDU also has a polycarbonate screen positioned between the lamp unit and the operator, which blocks 100% of the UVC light coming from the lamps.

How do BlueMorph’s products work?

The C1 UVC Cart and other systems operate by delivering a defined dose of UV radiation to the surfaces in a room, vehicle or other space. The radiation disrupts the DNA and RNA in bacteria and viruses rendering them inactive and unable to cause harm to humans.

Both the C1 UVC Cart and the Car Disinfection Unit are very easy to operate. The products make it easy for an operator to position the UV lamps at the ideal height and location in a room or vehicle, and provide a simple knob or touch-screen interface to select the disinfection time, which can be pre-programmed and easily retrieved for each room or space. After selecting the disinfection cycle the operator simply leaves the room and returns when it’s done.

Are BlueMorph’s products certified?

In testing by a third party EPA/FDA compliant lab, BlueMorph’s products have been shown to reduce Human Coronavirus by 99.99% on both hard non-porous surfaces (stainless steel) and soft porous surfaces (fabric).

Competition – Other disinfection technologies

Chemical disinfectants applied directly to surfaces

The state of the art in most facilities today is to equip the cleaning staff with spray bottles filled with disinfectants that are manually sprayed on and then wiped off of surfaces. This approach has numerous disadvantages:

  • Very prone to errors that lead to incomplete disinfection, e.g. missed areas, chemicals not left in contact with surfaces long enough to kill pathogens, non EPA approved application methods and surfaces contaminated with organic debris.
  • Chemicals can remain on surfaces for prolonged periods of time and potentially accumulate. -Certain chemicals are skin irritants and can aggravate people with asthma.
  • Toxic to the environment.
  • Expensive: Materials and labor can end up costing $10/sqft

Automated systems using chemical fogging

A number of companies are now offering automated systems that employ autonomous robots to drive around a facility while spraying a chemical disinfectant into the air. This approach has very significant flaws:

  • Can’t control chemical coverage or contact time, thus the level of disinfection achieved will generally not match in reality the rates claimed in marketing materials. This is why no regulatory agency will certify an autonomous chemical fogging system.
  • Requires that people are kept out of spaces being fogged for a minimum period of time after fogging is complete. A typical hospital room takes around 2 hours to chemically fog and depending on the device and chemical up to 30 minutes before re-entry into the space is possible. Compare that with roughly 10 minutes to disinfect using the BlueMorph C1 UVC Cart or Car Disinfection Unit: In facilities such as hospitals, doctor or dentist offices that depend on maintaining a flow of patients, the increased revenue from higher utilization of exam and treatment rooms can pay for the C1 UVC Cart in a matter of weeks.
  • To be effective and safe, areas being fogged must be completely sealed during fogging and during the post-fogging period. Few organizations can take the time to do this properly, creating risks for everyone in the area and liability for the owner.

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