“Infection control is critical for the safety of our patients. We were looking for a hospital grade UV system to augment our disinfection protocols. BlueMorph has an innovative system that enables it to be used without as much repositioning as other units on the market while having all of the safety features, reporting capabilities and tablet control that are found on more costly systems. The C1 cart is a very valuable addition to our infection control process, it is very easy to use and came preprogrammed to our facility. The unit helps provide a safer environment for our patients and staff and helps them feel protected. We have been using the BlueMorph C1 UVC System for a few months now and the customer service that the company exhibits is outstanding! From the moment we got in touch with the company they were readily available to help and answer questions.” 


CEO Darrin Cook
Horizon Specialty Hospital

disinfect at light speed

fast / powerful / chemical-free


Bluemorph UV-based technology effectively disinfects high-touch areas in less than 10 minutes

BlueMorph uses CDC approved germicidal UVC-based technology to disinfect vehicles and rooms of any size. Our units can be easily configured to efficiently sanitize different shaped environments while being sustainable and safe.