About Us

Designing a Safer World

Through the use of BlueMorph’s proprietary algorithms we design systems that optimally deliver light and ensure that surfaces and air reach our targeted dosages set to reduce pathogen load by 99.99%.

Founded by Experienced Innovators

10-year history of successful UV disinfection products, significant IP (17+ patents)

Alex Farren

CSO, Co-founder

  • MSc Toxicology & BSc Biochemistry
  • Founded BlueMorph UV in 2010
  • Chemist at GoodGuide (bought by UL)
  • Researcher, McGill University
  • Pioneered award-winning UV disinfection systems for the wine industry

Dr. Noah Bareket

CEO, Co-founder

  • PhD, Optical Physics and MSc, Applied Physics
  • Director of R&D, Abbott Labs
  • Principal Engineer, KLA-Tencor
  • Chief Scientist, Lockheed Martin Research Labs
  • Developed broad, proprietary algorithms and methods for disinfection using UV light

Who we are 

BlueMorph was founded in 2010 by Alex Farren, the Chief Science Officer, and Dr. Noah Bareket, Chief Executive Officer. Alex, who originally hails from Montreal, Canada, is a biochemist with a Masters Degree in Toxicology. He has devoted his expertise over the past 10 years to the use of UV technology to improve upon chemical and physical disinfection methods for use in healthcare and the food and beverage industries. Dr. Bareket has a PhD in optical sciences and has had senior positions at Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory, KLA Tencor, as well as Director of optical devices for Abbott Medical Labs. Together they created unique algorithms that take into account target dose, distance and orientation of light source, power and time to come up with ideal solutions.

What was the reason for founding BlueMorph?

Alex’s education and early career exposed him to the widespread practice of using harmful chemicals for disinfection in a variety of environments, and in particular in the food & beverage industry. Determined to find an approach that was as or more effective than chemical disinfection but without the use of toxic chemicals, Alex noted that UV light had been successfully applied to purify air and water, but was not being widely used to disinfect containers and interior surfaces of spaces. He sought out Dr. Bareket, an expert in optics, and together they developed BlueMorph’s first product, the UVT200k (stands for UV tank system 200,000 gallons), which is the first and only system that uses UV light to disinfect fermentation, mixing and bottling tanks used in the wine industry. Released in 2015, the UVT200k achieved significant commercial success, and is used today by many notable wineries including Kendall Jackson, Wente, Gallo, Hall, Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, Raymond Vineyards and more.

When did BlueMorph start working on disinfection for COVID 19?

Following success in the wine industry, in 2018 BlueMorph started working on systems to address the problem of hospital acquired infections, which afflicts over 1.7M people in the US alone annually and costs the healthcare industry over $10 billion. With the advent of the current pandemic, BlueMorph accelerated development and released new products in 2020 for a wide range of environments including nursing homes, dentist offices, hospitals, schools, factories, offices and even vehicles – anywhere that people can potentially become infected with COVID 19 or other pathogens.

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